HIPGNOSIS. BREATHE – 50 Years of The Dark Side of the Moon

Album Cover Art & Photo Design by Aubrey Powell and Storm Thorgerson

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Curation: John Colton & Aubrey Powell with photographic contributions from special guests

In 1973 Pink Floyd released their album The Dark Side of the Moon. The record sleeve for it was designed by the British art house HIPGNOSIS, founded in 1969 by Pink Floyd friends Storm Thorgerson and Aubrey Powell. The album is an icon of rock music history. Music and cover of the record became cult, as well as Pink Floyd and HIPGNOSIS.

Browse Gallery presents the world's only exhibition celebrating the 50th anniversary of The Dark Side of the Moon in two parts.

HIPGNOSIS: The Dark Side of the Moon and Other Album Cover Art

On display inside are artistic works of groundbreaking album cover art by HIPGNOSIS: history and design of The Dark Side of the Moon, magnificent art prints of other Pink Floyd record cover motifs, and photo designs for other music greats of the 70s: Led Zeppelin, Peter Gabriel, Paul McCartney, 10cc and others.
Also on display as a special feature are black and white photos of the band - on and off stage - taken during The Dark Side of The Moon Tour 1973. Pink Floyd let Hipgnosis look behind the scenes with 4 photographers*. The result was an intimate portrait of the band at the height of their creative power and friendship. This never existed again.

Photo installation: Themes from The Dark Side of the Moon

The concept album addresses various stages of existential human experience and coming of age: the search for self and a connection with others, the passage of time, the omnipresence of death, money and greed, war and conflict, isolation and madness. Do we choose the light or do we give in to the destructive impulses within ourselves and turn to the dark side of the moon? Universal themes that continue to speak anew to millions of people worldwide, across generations, to this day.  So where are we today, 50 years after the album's release?

On the occasion of the LP's anniversary, the curators of the exhibition have asked Berlin and internationally renowned photographers to contribute images that take up themes from The Dark Side of the Moon and stimulate a reflection on their relevance to the present. Photographs contributed by: Nikos Pilos, Robert King, Lisa Bukreyeva, Günter Zint, Barbara Klemm, Gordon Welters, Wolfgang Krolow, Jutta Matthess, Jackie Baier, Holger Gross, Jesus Pastor, Alexander von Reiswitz, Edith Siepmann, Stefan Melchior,  Axel Benzmann, Tomas Petreikis, heba, Oliver Feldhaus, Christina Palitzsch u.a.. Portraits: Sabine Drwenzki, Sönke Tollkühn, John Colton.

Vernissage: November 3, 7 p.m.
with HIPGNOSIS founder Aubrey Powell
Greeting by Klaus Lederer (former Senator of Culture)
Musical performance: Zam Johnson & Guests

Exhibition duration:  4.11. to 17.12.2023
Opening hours: Tue to Sun - 13:00 to 19:00 o'clock
Location: Bergmannstr. 5, 10961 Berlin

Admission: 5€, erm. 3€
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Kindly supported by the Berlin ministry for Cultural Affairs and Social Cohesion

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