Billy Rainbow

Peter Blake

Edition Size: 175
Image Size: 455 x 660mm
Paper Size: 595 x 820mm
Published: 2008

Billy Rainbow is part eight of the 12 pieces that make up Sir Peter Blake’s portfolio box set ‘Replay’. ‘
Signed limited edition silkscreen print based on Sir Peter Blake’s work in the early 60’s.

The words on the print read, ” BILLY RAINBOW is the son of the fabulous BABE RAINBOW (World Champion in 1973), and although it has never been proven, it is reputed that his father was the legendary Ebony Superman. He is the long lost twin brother of the current Ladies Heavyweight Champion of the World, Bobbie Rainbow. Billy was adopted at birth by a tribe of Comanche Indians (for a short time as a young man he wrestled as Billy Two Rainbows), and it has only recently emerged the he is the son of Babe Rainbow. Billy and Bobbie are currently wrestling as a tag team, and are on an extended tour of the Far East”. This piece highlights Blake’s fascination with wresters and boxers and also his sense of wit and fun.

 This work is available to purchase