Aldona Gustas in an interview with Vytene Saunoriute-Muschick Aldona Gustas, Lithuanian born Berlin poet and graphic artist, continues to enjoy  high levels of  public attention and recoginition – both in Lithuania and in Germany. Throughout the year 2017 she has experienced great interest and appraisal among fellow artists and from cultural institutions in Lithuania –
 Aldona Gustas “Women’s Voices” art show opens  in Wilna on April 11 2017 The prestigious National library  M. Mazvydas is a great location to host Aldona Gustas‘ exhibition,  an excquisite series of playful erotic drawings with the German title “Mundfrauen” (“Women’s Voices”) . The series is part of the main graphic work of the Lithuanian born
Avantgard phtography and pop music entered a symbiotic relation in the USA and Great Britain after the war. Famous modern photographers like Robert Frank, Annie Leibovitz, Eugene W. Smith oder Robert Mapplethorpe produced photo portraits of musicians like John Lennon, David Bowie or Rolling Stones, which contributed largely to their icon status. At the same

Aldona Gustas at Leipzig Bookfair 2017

Come and visit us with Aldona Gustas presentation at Leipzig Bookfair 23.-26.3.2017, Book Presentation: “Zeit zeitigt”, Aldona Gustas, Corvinus Presse, January 2017, edit. by Browse Gallery Solo Exhibition: Berliner Malerpoeten / Berlin Painter-Poets. The Portraits. Last chance to also see her work and 20 other artists in the group exhibition: Oxymora. Berliner Malerpoeten/Berlin Painter-Poets &