Peter Blake – Academy

Edition Size: 150
Image Size: 700 x 710mm
Paper Size: 910 x 930mm
Published: 2012

Academy signed limited silkscreen print with glazes by British contemporary artist Sir Peter Blake.

‘Academy’ is packed with all the wit and humour that we expect from Blake’s collage-based compositions. Here the grand and formal surroundings of the Academy are populated with an interesting mix of people sourced from eclectic printed materials including Ian Dury, milk maids and little girls in kimonos; all cultures, eras and walks of life are here and are juxtaposed in a surreal manner. Instead of ‘high art’ on the walls of the Academy we find a cheeky nude Victorian postcard, a very kitsch kitten, and even a panel from Blake’s own ‘Got a Girl’ painting of 1960-61. Again Blake is defying our expectations, but always in a light-hearted and affectionate tone. ‘Academy’ gently mocks the 18th and 19th century paintings of the great and the good milling around the gallery interior, where pictures are hung all the way up to the ceiling and everyone seems more interested in the latest society gossip than in looking at the artworks.

 This work is available to purchase