Exhibition Aldona Gustas Kreuz-berg 100-10

18. April - 28. April 2022
Aldona Gustas - Kreuz-berg 100-10

On the occasion of Aldona Gustas' 90th birthday on March 2, 2022, Browse Gallery presents the exhibition Aldonas Gustas Kreuz-berg 100-10 at GALERIE SALON HALIT-ART. With this exhibition we honor the Berlin painter-poet Aldona Gustas and her significant contribution to the development of West Berlin's art and cultural history in the post-war period. We bow to her personal strength and uncompromisingness and her tremendous artistic creativity.

On view in the exhibition are drawings with female figures from the "Mundfrauen"(women with mouths) series. In the "Mundfrauen" drawings, central themes of Aldona Gustas' lyrical and pictorial work are revealed: female identity, eroticism and freedom. Artistically, the themes are implemented in the exhibited images with her own swinging spontaneity, brevity and simplicity (Olav Münzberg). Mouths and hair of the women are always in motion ready to speak, freed from the shackles of prevailing ideals of beauty.

The quest for freedom and independence permeates Aldona's entire work and life. She shared this drive with her friends in the group Berliner Malerpoeten, which she founded in 1972. Formative for this longing were the experiences of war, terror, expulsion and flight that Aldona Gustas had to go through as a child.

Today, Aldona Gustas' sympathy and solidarity is with the victims of the criminal war of aggression that the Putin government is currently waging against Ukraine. Therefore, 100% of the proceeds from the sale of paintings from the exhibition Aldona Gustas Kreuz-berg 100-10 will go to the human rights organization medico international, which, together with partner organizations on the ground in Ukraine and on the Polish border, provides practical help to all people fleeing Ukraine.

Vernissage: Easter Monday 18.4.2022, 18:00 - 21:00 o'clock
Exhibition duration: 18.4. - 28.4.2022

Location: GALERIE SALON HALIT-ART, Kreuzbergstr. 72, 10965 Berlin, Germany

Further information: info@browse.gallery
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