Dietmar Bührer

When the city magazine "tip" was founded in 1972, Dietmar Bührer was hired as a photographer for the "Berliner Köpfe" section in 1973. The chronicler photographed over 50 West Berlin artists (painters, writers, sculptors, gallery owners) in the following years. From 1974 he also photographed Berlin artists for the SPD youth magazine "Blickpunkt". Dietmar Bührer also photographed the last portraits of the painter and Dadaist Hannah Höch (*1889 to †1978) in 1974.

After a period of almost forty years, the photographer visited twenty of the still living artists in Berlin and portrayed them again. These pictures can also be seen in the exhibition. Jumps in time that recall how much this unique West Berlin was shaped by its famous and less famous artists and how much the city has changed in four decades.

Dietmar Bührer was born on 28 August 1947 in Rielasingen, Hegau.
Completed an apprenticeship as a book printer, worked for Stuttgarter Nachrichten from 1968.

1970 Move to Berlin. Works as a printer for the SPD-related daily newspaper Telegraf and Nachtdepesche, passing his master's examination.

Bührer has been working in the in-house printing department of the Tegel correctional facility since 1990, until he retired as its director in 2001.

Bührer is a self-taught photographer. Since 1984 he has been publisher and editor of the Berlin photo magazine brennpunkt.
In 1984 he was appointed to the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Photographie (DGPh), since 1987 he has been an honorary member of the Deutscher Verband für Fotografie (DVF). In February 2011 Bührer received the Cross of Merit on Ribbon of the Federal Republic of Germany for special merits through his professional, personal and photographic contact with prisoners in front of and behind the walls of the Tegel correctional facility.

1972 Fotografien von Friedrich Schröder-Sonnenstern, Berliner Hotel Kempinski
1973 Fotografien von Friedrich Schröder-Sonnenstern, Kleine Galerie Singen
1976 Die ARD Sendung Titel Thesen Temperamente sendet die Porträts von Friedrich Schröder- Sonnenstern als Standbilder bundesweit

1980 Fotografien von Friedrich Schröder Sonnenstern, Haus am Waldsee und Galerie Struktura,

2002 Portfolio von Friedrich Schröder Sonnenstern, Galerie Aujourd´hui, Berlin
2013 Fotografische Serie über Schröder-Sonnenstern, Kunsthalle SCHIRN in Frankfurt am Main
2015 West-Berliner Künstler 1974 – 2014. Zeitensprünge, Browse Gallery, Berlin Kreuzberg

Mit den Berliner Malerpoeten ( u.a. Aldona Gustas, Günter Grass, Kurt Mühlenhaupt, Karl Oppermann, Günter Bruno Fuchs, Robert Wolfgang Schnell, Märchen, Oskar Pastior ) präsentierte der Fotograf seine Autorenporträts von dieser Gruppe in Berlin, Spanien und Südamerika.

Nach einer Zeitspanne von fast vierzig Jahren besuchte der Fotograf zwanzig der noch lebenden Künstler in Berlin und porträtierte sie erneut.(s. Ausstellung 2015) Dieses Projekt ist ab Frühjahr 2015 auch als Buch „Zeitensprünge“ verfügbar. Kontakt und Buchbestellung Edition Bührer.

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