Joachim Uhlmann

Joachim Uhlmann (1925-2020), was a German poet, artist and translator of English literature. He was born and died in Berlin.

Uhlmann has published many volumes of poetry, many of which he enriched with his own ink drawings and linocuts.
After the war he was part of an original Berlin art movement seeking for a new beginning. Within the circle around the "Rosen" gallery in Berlin, which presented the so-called "Post-war Surrealism" among others, friendships were established with visual artists, which would lead to long-term collaborations and later to his membership with Berlin Painter-Poets.

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Group exhibitions

, Berliner Malerpoeten (Berlin Painter-Poets) and contemporary Lithuanian artists, Baumwollspinnerei Leipzig

Berliner Malerpoeten. Pulsierendes Leben – Pulsierender Tod, Rathaus Wiesbaden

Berliner Malerpoeten. Pulsierendes Leben – Pulsierender Tod, Browse Gallery, Berlin

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