Rupert Truman


Rupert Truman is a photographer and director of StormStudios.  He worked closely with Storm Thorgerson for around 25 years, over which time he realised most of StormStudios output, photographing sleeves for Pink Floyd, Steve Miller, Ian Dury, the Cranberries and Biffy Clyro to name but a few.  In recent years he has collaborated regularly with Aubrey Powell (Hipgnosis) on a number of projects. 

Rupert trained as a scientist with interests in Physics and a degree in Geology.
In his mid 20’s an existential crisis led to a deep questioning of the nature
of reality, and an interest in the ideas from the East and an experiential
understanding that is neither East nor West. This led to a change in his career
path and he began working as a photographer and film maker. Initially, a love of
architecture brought him work in the architectural press in the UK, with the
National Trust and with Phaidon Press in the form of a book on the Expiatory
Church of the Sagrada Familia - Gaudi’s unfinished cathedral in Barcelona. In
the late 1980’s he was introduced to album cover designer Storm Thorgerson who
Rupert was familiar with from his prolific work with Hipgnosis (Pink Floyd, Led
Zeppelin, Genesis, Black Sabbath, Yes etc etc etc). This led to a collaboration
that lasted until Storm’s death in 2013 and a long list of artworks for bands
such as the Pink Floyd, Steve Miller, Biffy Clyro, Mars Volta, Ian Drury, Muse
and so on as result... On Storm’s death, Rupert was left the business along
with two of his colleagues and continues to make album artwork.
He’s has recently shot sleeves for David Gilmour, Pink Floyd and others. He is
nearing the completion of a documentary about Syd Barrett, the flawed genius who
was originally behind Pink Floyd. This was started while Storm was alive but left
unfinished to Rupert. Rupert has in recent years taken a greater interest in film
and documentary. His interest in the nature of reality has led to a collaboration
with Philosopher Tim Freke to film a series of interviews with interesting
people. In 2018 he made a short film, ‘Music in Silence’, following a
classical quartet for a week as they attempted to record a modern piece in an old
church on the Norwegian coast.
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