Michael A. Russ

January-February 2013 Michael A. Russ

06:00 AM … positive/negatives…
Retrospective: Photography 1973 – 2013

Fom 12. January to  23. February 2013 Browse Gallery presents a retrospective of  photographic works by Michael A. Russ, featuring a selection of handcoulored original photographs and high quality photo prints in large formats - on paper and on alu-dibond plates.

Exhibition highlights include a number of original handcoloured positive and negative silver gelatine prints,  which have never before been on display before. They belong to the most exclsive category of his photographic works which the 68 year old artistcalls TinTones: Turning 35mm black and white film into chemically toned, masked, solarized and hand colored, 'one of a kind' silver gelatin prints. These  became the trademark of his work.

Another highlight of the show is a series of images from the photo shoot for the now famed Island label record cover "Swordfishtrombones"with Tom Waits and Hollywood actors Lee Kolima and Angelo Rossitto in 1982. Waits had commissioned Russ to create the album cover in TinTone style after he had seen his exhibition "Prussian Blue" in the L.A. China Club.  The collaboration with Waits continued for some years and resulted in photographic works for Robert Wilson's „Black Rider“ show at Thalia Theater in Hamburg 1990, which also featured music by Tom Waits.

Extending over 40 years of photographic work the exhibition shows the different phases of artistic experimentation and development and refinement of Russ unique TinTone  style - from analogue hand coloring practices to the application of the newest digital image processing and printing technologies.

Dark, melancholic and seductive, his colorful and radiant  images - especially the erotic ones - invite us to take a ' walk on the wilde side of life' of American subculture in the 1970s and 80s when fashion, film, music, art and underground mixed and mingled for mutual creative inspiration.

More on the artist and his works in his portfolio here - or  on the exclusive large scale Aludibonds in the shop here.

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