Peter Blake. The Beatles, Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
BROWSE GALLERY lanciert Berliner Ausstellungspremiere mit dem Godfather der Britischen Pop Art Eröffnung: 2. Februar, 19:00 Uhr Mit Gillian Duke und Peter Blake (angefragt) Ort: Browse Gallery, Bergmannstr. 5 Innenhof rechts, 10961 Berlin Zeiten: 2. Februar – 2. März, Die – So 14:00 – 20:00 Uhr Preview Ausstellung PETER BLAKE BERLIN Die Berliner Ausstellungspremiere mit
Hipgnosis On Tour. Pink Floyd, Wish You Were Here, Design Hipgnosis,© Pink Floyd Ltd
Album Cover Art & Photodesign by Aubrey Powell and Storm Thorgerson on the road After thousands of visitors* had enthusiastically received the BROWSE GALLERY Hipgnosis exhibition DARING TO DREAM. 50 Years of Hipgnosis, Album Cover Art & Photo Design by Aubrey Powell and Storm Thorgerson initially in Berlin, the  exhibition started to go on tour
Oasis, Do you know what I mean © Michael Spencer Jones
A CELEBRATION OF ICONIC IMAGERY BY MICHAEL SPENCER JONES Curated by John Colton and Emily Smeaton in cooperation with Michael Spencer Jones Finissage and Q & A Michael Spencer Jones with musician and autor John Robb 6. April 8 pm (Admission free) Location: Browse Gallery, Bergmannstr. 5 Courtyard right, 10961 Berlin Opening times: 10. March  –


David Bowie, Ziggy Stardust, limited edition print,colour artwork copyright Terry Pastor, photo Brian Ward, Look WHo's Come For Tea! exhibition poster, courtesy Browse Gallery
Exhibition: Album Cover Art & Photography. Limited Editions. The BROWSE COLLECTION Opening: 7.12.2018, 7 pm Introduction to the exhibition by Albrecht Metzger (author, comedian, “Mr. Rockpalast”) WILDE ZEITEN, Günter Zint (photographer) presents and signs his new photo book Location: Browse Gallery, Bergmannstr. 5, courtyard, to the right, 10961 Berlin Admission: free LOOK WHO’S COME FOR
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